About Us

The Student Supports division ensures that schools have the necessary supports to address the needs of the whole child and create the conditions where all students are ready to learn.

The DC Public Schools (DCPS) School Mental Health Team and our many partners provide supportive services to students and families who need assistance for any reason, from overcoming academic challenges to handling life-altering events. Our goal is to ensure that all students are physically and psychologically safe and can fully participate in academic learning.

Some of our services include:

  • providing strategies and skills to help students improve their focus and concentration;
  • linking students to practical resources to help families gain access to food, clothing, and transportation;
  • providing therapeutic intervention to help students cope with stress and trauma;
  • leading small-group sessions to support students with relationship building;
  • providing substance abuse prevention and intervention;
  • completing comprehensive assessments to help school teams make data-informed decisions.

School-Based Mental Health Providers

All school-based mental health providers have master’s degrees and are licensed by OSSE in their respective areas of expertise, including screening and early intervention, direct clinical service, and assessment.

School-Based Health Coordinators (SBHCs) are responsible for processing referral forms for mental health services. Contact your school to find out who your SBHC is.