The role of School Social Workers

The school social worker serves primarily as a clinician, an advocate for all students, and a consultant to school staff and parents/guardians on a variety of issues.

Social Workers are involved in preventive work with students, staff and families that promotes positive school climate and social/emotional well-being:

▪ Provide consultation to school staff and parents to facilitate student educational, social and emotional growth

▪ Provide individual and group counseling and psycho-education

▪ Obtain information concerning the effects of environment, including familial, cultural and economic disadvantages that may be adversely affecting student progress (i.e. Social History Analysis)

▪ Conduct home visits that encourage home/school communication

▪ Work collaboratively with the Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) Team to develop intervention plans for students at risk of academic and/or behavioral difficulty

▪ Serve as the home-school-community liaison

Social Workers also make appropriate referrals for community resources


Contact Us

If you have any questions about school social work, please contact the members of the School Social Work Team in Central Office:

Director: Nigel Jackson
Program Manager: Tamara Dukes
Program Manager: Manairaya Banks
Program Manager: Taiya Gregory
Program Manager: Rianna Berkeley
Program Manager: Maria Del Rosario Gomez
Program Manager: Roberta Rinker


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