The role of School Counselors

The DCPS School Counseling Department is a component of the Office of Secondary Schools

School counselors are certified, professional educators who improve student success for ALL students by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. Counselors, at a minimum, hold a master’s degree in School Counseling and are credentialed and certified through the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) in DC.

The School Counselor’s Role[PDF]
Counselors focus on the academic, social/emotional, college and career success of PK-12 students. They engage in short-term individual counseling, group counseling, and classroom lessons with their students.

Counselors also focus on helping students to establish personal goals and plan for the future. In the secondary setting, this includes academic advising, planning, and tracking course requirements. These activities are conducted through joining alongside within a student’s journey: to encourage and walk together.

Finally, counselors assist in crisis response, consult, and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to promote the well-being of their students.

Best Practices for School Counselors
Guidance Counselors vs. School Counselors

Contact Us

If you have any questions about school counseling, please contact the members of the School Counseling Team in Central Office:

School Counseling Manager: Dr. Fallon Dodson
School Counseling Coordinator: Mr. Steve Rockey


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