Bonus Referral Guidelines


  • The referrer must be a current DCPS employee at the time of the referral and at the time the bonus is issued.
  • The referred candidate must be hired as a full-time School Psychologist within DCPS.

Referral Process:

  • Referrals must be submitted through the dedicated referral form available on the DCPS Referral page.
  • The referral form must be submitted before the referred candidate applies for the position.
  • Each referral form must include the referrer’s full name and contact information as well as the referred candidate’s full name and contact information.

Bonus Disbursement:

  • The $500 referral bonus will be paid at the conclusion of the fiscal year in which the referral was submitted.


  • If either the referrer or the referred candidate leaves DCPS within the six-month period, the remaining bonus will not be paid.
  • If multiple employees refer the same candidate, the referral bonus will be split equally among the referrers.
  • Referrals of former DCPS employees who left within the last 12 months are not eligible for the referral bonus.
  • Self-referrals or referring immediate family members (spouse, parent, child) are not eligible for the bonus.