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Comprehensive Literacy Plan

Among the many goals we have set for our schools, enabling children to become proficient readers may be one of the most crucial tasks. Acquiring literacy skills is a key educational outcome that also unlocks the world for children by allowing them to encounter new ideas and information, communicate with others and express themselves effectively in school and daily life.

This plan does not seek to offer a one-size-fits-all prescription to be applied across the District’s diverse learning environments. Rather it offers guidance and describes and illustrates best practices related to literacy. It outlines the District’s aspirations for what high-quality, evidence-based literacy experiences could look like and, more importantly, what it would mean for all children to have these sorts of experiences. Created as part of the District of Columbia’s Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant, this Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP) seeks to provide a roadmap or guide that local educational agencies (LEAs), schools and early childhood programs can use to develop their own local literacy plans grounded in evidence-based practices and customized to the unique community contexts and instructional approaches of the District’s culturally- and linguistically diverse schools and early learning programs.


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